In today’s post, We’ll go through how to get a custom URL in Youtube, Eligibility for claiming custom URL, How to set up a custom URL and remove the Custom URL.

How to get a custom URL for your YouTube Channel

Once your Youtube Channel is Eligible, You can provide your followers and fans with an easy-to-remember web address of your official or personal Youtube Channel. This is known as Custom URL and is in the format or

You can either choose or Youtube will suggest a few youtube URL (Custom URL) based on factors such as Username of your Youtube Channel, Description of Your Youtube channel, the website linked with your Youtube account.

Once you have selected the New Custom URL, Followers & Subscribers will be directed to the new account if at all they have visited the old account.

Note: Once you have selected your New Custom URL, You cannot change it. However, You have the option to remove the custom URL from your Youtube Channel and Claim a new Custom URL.

Eligibility for claiming a new custom URL for your Youtube channel

They are a few eligibility criteria for claiming a custom Url as follows:

  • Having more than 300 subscribers
  • Profile as to updated. Example Photo for Channel Icon, Description of the profile, etc
  • Channel should be at least 30 days old
  • Uploaded channel Art for your youtube channel

The Objective of the above criteria is to make your channel stand apart and unique for your subscribers or there’s no point to follow these criteria.

How to set up a custom URL for your Youtube channel

Once you are eligible for custom Url, Youtube will send an email notification after which you can go start the steps mentioned Below

  • ‘Sign-In’ to your youtube account
  • Go to ‘Advanced account settings‘ by clicking on your profile at the top right corner, then proceed by clicking ‘Advanced option’
  • Under ‘Channel settings’, select the link next to ‘You’re Eligible for a custom URL’, This is only possible only if your channel is eligible
  • In the ‘Get a Custom URL’ box, You’ll see the Custom URL, you’ve been approved for. To make your Url unique you can add a few numbers or letters
  • Go through ‘Custom URL terms of Use’ and then click on ‘Change URL’.
  • Make sure to have the right URL, as you cannot change the same in the future once you click on ‘Confirm Choice’.

Great! You Now have created a Custom URL for your Youtube Channel.

Steps to remove the Custom URL and claim a new One

  • ‘Sign-in’ to your youtube account and go to the ‘About me‘ page.
  • Check for the account with your youtube channel on the top right of the screen. Then click on ‘All of your Brands Accounts’ if you do not find your account on the list.
  • Check for your Current Custom URL under ‘Sites’ and click on the ‘Edit option’.
  • Next, to the Custom URL, Click ‘X to remove’ and Finally Click ‘OK’.

Note: If you want to Claim a new Custom URL, You again have to meet the eligibility criteria and follow the steps mentioned above.


Youtube has 490 Million users worldwide and generates 92 billion page views each month, Just Imagine the amount volume and then confusion if the account has the same name. Hence, it is necessary to have a Custom URL to Differentiate, Build Brand, and to serve customers. 


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